Struggling but kind.

I’m struggling a bit so naturally I’ve been over thinking. Chicken or egg? Am I struggling because I’m overthinking or overthinking because I am struggling? Are they juxtaposed? Did I just shoehorn in juxtaposed to appear smarter than I am? I digress.

You dunno who’s going through what, man.

Be as kind as you can be. A wee indiscriminate act of kindness, something you might forget you did in ten minutes time, a few quid to a homeless person, a pay it forward, lend 50p to that punter who’s short on bus fare and the driver is being intransigent, even a text to someone you’ve not spoken to in a while, donate, volunteer.

If you were to pay too much attention to the news you’d be forgiven for thinking that there is no kindness, or that kindness is a negative thing, a weakness or evidence of naiveté. We need more kindness and less callous indifference. When did helping those in need become a bad thing?

That act of kindness will do you as much good as the person you’re helping.


Don’t be a dick.


I have been feeling a bit lost, hopeless and directionless. I’ve tried to fill my spare time as much as I can and I love the things I do but I keep hitting a wall that I can’t get over.
What’s the point of any of it?
A few hours respite?
An escape?
Escape from what exactly?

I feel like nothing is really satisfying me.

The future terrifies me and I don’t feel safe or secure.