Open University, end in sight.

Today I received the last module pack of my Open University degree in Humanities. I focus on Philosophy and Religion.

It has been a fascinating experience up til now (with the exception of that Social Science module at level one. Hated that).

Level 1
My first Module, AA100: The Arts past and Present was brilliant. A quite broad brush when it comes to the liberal arts but a great taster and introduction to how to do things at University level.

I shan’t discuss the second module, for it was a proper ballache. (DD101: Introducing the Social Sciences.)

Level 2
Next up, A222 Exploring Philosophy. This is where it kicked in. I felt a jarring with the gear change and often wanted to throw in the towel. It was fascinating but hard. I don’t care what anyone tells you, Philosophy is hard. Grade 3 pass.

A217 Introducing Religions was genuinely fascinating. The VSI series of books it based itself on were amazing. Eyes opened. Grade 2 pass.

Level 3
A333 Key Questions in Philosophy, the module I just completed was again a gear change. I knocked my pan in on this module and thankfully passed with a Grade 2. If I get a grade 1, 2 or 3 pass in my next module, which I should, I will achieve a 2:1

A332, Why is religion controversial. The pack just arrived today but it looks fascinating.

A332 Pack

I’ll enjoy this 🙂

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